Documentation for non-current version Vivid Trace 1.1.
See documentation for the current release Vivid Trace 1.4

Vivid Trace 1.1 Release Notes

Released 2014-12-05.

This document describes what has changed in Vivid Trace for JIRA version 1.1. When planning to update the add-on, consider the information within as there may be changes that are undesirable in your circumstances or known issues that might affect the stability of your operations. This document covers the following topics:


Dependency cycles are outlined with red halos.

Dependency cycle outlined with a red halo

Update Notes

Vivid Trace 1.1 is recommended for general production including as an update to Vivid Trace 1.0. If you wish, you can validate the update on a test instance of JIRA before updating the add-on on your production systems. There are no points of caution associated with this release.

Change List

Issue Status Version Summary
Defect TRACE-58 Fixed 1.1 When viewing an issue link graph on an issue page, after performing certain on-page operations the issue link graph toolbar would disappear. The toolbar now remains visible in place even after those certain operations are performed.
Defect TRACE-133 Fixed 1.1 Clicking the "How to use this feature" text in the project configuration dialog would incorrectly trigger the paragraph to hide itself. The text now no longer hides itself when clicked.
Defect TRACE-167 Fixed 1.1 Lines representing dependency cycles could have been occluded by normal lines, complicating cycle diagnoses. Dependency cycle lines are now drawn front-most.
Improvement TRACE-46 Improved 1.1 Issue Link Graphs resize with the rest of the page elements whenever the web browser window viewport changes.
Improvement TRACE-49 Improved 1.1 In the event a project key is changed in JIRA, the corresponding Vivid Trace project configuration will follow the change, associating with both the old and new project keys. Note however that although JIRA is able to reimport a JIRA project under an updated key and thereby lose notion of any prior keys, how the Vivid Trace project configuration will associate is unspecified.
Improvement TRACE-91 Improved 1.1 Added a menu item, accessible when viewing issue link graphs, that links to relevant product documentation.
Improvement TRACE-106 Improved 1.1 JIRA administrators are shown a link that allows them to quickly move to the Manage Link Types administration UI from the project configuration dialog.
Improvement TRACE-107 Improved 1.1 All components that make up dependency cycles in issue link graphs are outlined with red halos.
Improvement TRACE-114 Improved 1.1 Increased contrast of resolved issues in issue link graphs.
New Feature TRACE-132 New 1.1 Qualified Vivid Trace for use with JIRA Data Center.

Known Issues

End-of-Support Statements

There are no statements in this release.

Version History

Version Hosting Release date Summary
Vivid Trace 1.1 Data Center, Server 2014-12-05 Qualified for use with JIRA Data Center.
Vivid Trace 1.0 Server 2014-08-30 Issue relation graphs.