Documentation for non-current version Vivid Trace 1.2.
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Vivid Trace 1.2 Release Notes

Released 2015-07-22.
Updated 2015-08-20 for Vivid Trace version 1.2.1.

This document describes what has changed in Vivid Trace for JIRA version 1.2. When planning to update the add-on, consider the information within as there may be changes that are undesirable in your circumstances or known issues that might affect the stability of your operations. This document covers the following topics:


Project, component, and version issue relation graphs + Handling improvements.

Access graphs for all issues in a project, component, or version. Confirm version release readiness. Identify blocking upstream issues. Build cross-team awareness and fill in blindspots. Save time explaining a situation to others by simply showing them a picture of it. Decide your next moves. More information

The graph handling experience has also improved. Issue relationships are now labelled by default. Wider graphs are horizontally scrollable so you can now see the full graph in-place. To support the integrity of your processes, graphs and JQL query results inform viewers when they are incomplete due to insufficient permissions.

Project, component, and version Issue Relation Graphs

New JQL functions for comprehensive traceability.

Need to pinpoint all issues outside of your project blocking a release? Want to examine requirements satisfaction? Bring the strong tracing abilities of these JQL functions to bear on nearly any situation. More information

German and Japanese add-on localizations.

With complete German and Japanese add-on localizations joining English, the Vivid Trace JIRA add-on is now available in 3 languages. The localizations are generated from Vivid Trace's open translation management system — improvements and new language contributions are welcome.

Update Notes

The latest release of Vivid Trace 1.2 is recommended for general production including as an update to Vivid Trace 1.1 and prior versions. The update can be validated on a test instance of JIRA before updating the add-on on your production systems. Points of caution associated with this release:

Change List

Issue Status Version Summary
Defect TRACE-289 Fixed 1.2.1 java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: com/atlassian/upm/license/storage/plugin/PluginLicenseStorageManager
Defect TRACE-290 Fixed 1.2.1 Error loading the descriptor 'Configure Add-on Link Menu item' of plugin 'vivid.trace'
Defect TRACE-291 Fixed 1.2.1 Project Configuration for issue links is not updating correctly
New Feature TRACE-96 New 1.2 Issue relation graphs for components, projects, and versions
New Feature TRACE-152 New 1.2 Suite of JQL functions for tracing issues
New Feature TRACE-182 New 1.2 German Localization for Add-on
New Feature TRACE-183 New 1.2 Japanese Localization for Add-on
Improvement TRACE-81 Improved 1.2 Optionally display relation type + arrowheads
Improvement TRACE-94 Improved 1.2 Viewport manipulation for graphs with higher issue counts
Improvement TRACE-102 Improved 1.2 Indicate whenever results have been truncated due to the Issue Count Soft Maximum
Improvement TRACE-175 Improved 1.2 Document the Rollout Readiness Checklist
Improvement TRACE-177 Improved 1.2 Warn when the sub-task feature is disabled
Improvement TRACE-188 Improved 1.2 Toggle-able enablement of highlighting display
Improvement TRACE-212 Improved 1.2 Warn when results are truncated due to lack of permissions
Improvement TRACE-243 Improved 1.2 Visually indicate when graph is loading
Improvement TRACE-249 Improved 1.2 Replace "Direct Feedback" feature with "Send feedback"

Known Issues

End-of-Support Statements

There are no end-of-support statements in this release.

Version History

Version Hosting Release date Summary
Vivid Trace 1.2.1 Data Center, Server 2015-08-20 Defect fixes.
Vivid Trace 1.2 Data Center, Server 2015-07-22 Project, component, and version issue relation graphs. Improved handling for larger graphs. Improved and expanded JQL functions for comprehensive issue tracing. German and Japanese add-on localizations.
Vivid Trace 1.1 Data Center, Server 2014-12-05 Qualified for use with JIRA Data Center.
Vivid Trace 1.0 Server 2014-08-30 Issue relation graphs.