Vivid Trace

Intuitive Jira dependency graphs

What if you could have full and immediate visibility on blockers?

Have you ever wanted automatic dependency graphs of issues that you can actually read?

It's time to stop clicking down rabbit holes in pursuit of dependencies—and start visualizing.

See how Vivid Trace's intuitive Jira dependency graphs can show you exactly what you've been looking for.

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ATRIUM (Education) Analog Devices (Electronics) Die Bundesregierung (Government) Chevron (Energy)
Siemens AG (Engineering)

"Quality Management at Corporate Technology China defined a tracing approach and template which was required to be implemented in our tool chain. Vivid Trace, which is a key component in our Jira setup, provides us with the required functionality in a very efficient and intuitive manner."

— Wolfram Schulze
Head of Research Group at Corporate Technology
Siemens Ltd., China