Documentation for non-current version Vivid Trace 1.4.
See documentation for the current release Vivid Trace 2021.1

Vivid Trace 1.4 Release Notes

Released 2016-05-05
Updated 2017-02-09 for Vivid Trace version 1.4.2
Updated 2017-07-18 for Vivid Trace version 1.4.3
Updated 2017-09-03 for Vivid Trace version 1.4.4
Updated 2018-04-30 Known Issues regarding Jira 7.6 and 7.9 compatibility
Updated 2021-07-23 Known Issues regarding full support for Jira priority schemes in Vivid Trace 2021.1

This document describes what has changed in Vivid Trace for Jira version 1.4. When planning to update the add-on in your Jira system to this version, consider the information within as there may be changes that are undesirable in your circumstances or known issues that might affect the stability of your operations. This document covers the following topics:


Trace arbitrary JQL queries in the new Trace Studio.

Accessible from nearly everywhere in Jira, the Trace Studio is a new focal point in Vivid Trace. You can design, run, save, and tweak traces with parameters that parallel the relations JQL function suite and also design the information display to help you visualize and communicate issues and relations, produce traceability reports, conduct change impact analysis, or assure compliance. More information

The new Trace Studio in Vivid Trace version 1.4

Vivid Trace for Confluence

You can embed saved traces in Confluence pages using the new Trace macro in Vivid Trace for Confluence, new in Vivid Trace 1.4.4. Great for visually describing and annotating your requirements, test plans, and other project artifacts in Confluence with traces directly from Jira. More information

Vivid Trace 1.4.4 supports embedding saved traces in Confluence pages

Issue-context trace can be shown in its own panel.

Whereas in previous releases of Vivid Trace traces on individual issue pages were found in a tab in the Activity panel, the project configuration offers the option to show traces in a dedicated panel, making traces easier to access and control visibility of.

Click or tap the "Trace" panel title to alternately hide and reveal the trace. Traces are not fetched while the panel is hidden, which can help pages to load faster. More information

Graph and performance improvements.

You can limit how far away from the contextual or seed issues to graph using the new Graph Distance setting, available in all graphs. More information

The Graph Direction setting in the Trace Studio offers additional graph layout directions: right-to-left, and top-to-bottom. More information

Limit Jira server-side graph calculation time and system load with the new Graph Traversal Time Limit add-on setting. More information

Many new add-on localizations to support teams in multiple regions and cultures.

You and your team members around the world can each use the Vivid Trace Jira add-on software in your own choice of any of 20 languages. The localizations are generated from Vivid Trace's open translation management system — improvements and new language contributions are welcome.

Vivid Trace 1.4 features 20 language localizations
  • 中文/中国 (Simplified Chinese)
  • 中文/香港 (Hong Kong Chinese)
  • 中文/台灣 (Taiwan Chinese)
  • čeština (Czech)
  • Dansk (Danish)
  • Nederlands (Dutch)
  • English
  • suomi (Finnish)
  • français (French)
  • Deutsch (German)
  • italiano (Italian)
  • 日本語 (Japanese)
  • 한국어 (Korean)
  • norsk (Norwegian)
  • Polski (Polish)
  • Português (Portuguese)
  • Русский (Russian)
  • Español (Spanish)
  • svenska (Swedish)
  • Türkçe (Turkish)

Update Notes

The latest release of Vivid Trace 1.4 is recommended for general production including as an update to Vivid Trace 1.3 and prior versions. The update can be validated on a test instance of Jira before updating the add-on on your production systems. Points of caution associated with this release:

Change List

Issue Status Version Summary
Change TRACE-304 Changed 1.4 Rename "View issues" button to "List issues"
Change TRACE-423 Changed 1.4 Increase minimum supported Jira version to 6.3
Change TRACE-616 Changed 1.4.3 Issues opened from within the Trace Studio open in new browser tabs
Change TRACE-664 Changed 1.4.4 Compatibility with Jira 8
Defect TRACE-393 Fixed 1.4.1 "Create Issue" in Jira 7 can cause in-context issue relation graph to be displayed for a different issue
Defect TRACE-455 Fixed 1.4.1 Incorrect quoting in JQL generated by "Trace issues" button in Project context
Defect TRACE-460 Fixed 1.4.1 Recalling saved traces in quick succession can lead to confused UI
Defect TRACE-462 Fixed 1.4.1 Previous messages and issue relation graph can linger when starting a new trace or loading a saved trace with an empty seed issues specification
Defect TRACE-472 Fixed 1.4.1 Trace displays VTE-9 instead of issue relation graph when all issue link types are disabled in project configuration
Defect TRACE-481 Fixed 1.4.1 Breaking change in Jira 7.2: Issue relation graph is not displayed in project context
Defect TRACE-482 Fixed 1.4.1 Breaking change in Jira 7.2: Cannot navigate to issue by clicking it in the issue relation graph
Defect TRACE-484 Fixed 1.4.1 Breaking change in Jira 7.2: Trace Studio panels don't expand and collapse
Defect TRACE-486 Fixed 1.4.1 Issue-context graph doesn't re-display when refreshed with zero issues
Defect TRACE-489 Fixed 1.4.1 AUI "warning" icon in License Status is shown as last-resort unicode glyph
Defect TRACE-490 Fixed 1.4.1 Primary license key application buttons stepped down one level below secondary button
Defect TRACE-492 Fixed 1.4.1 Custom fields of type URL don't link to their URLs when rendered in trace issue lozenges
Defect TRACE-527 Fixed 1.4.1 Cannot set distance to Unlimited as a user preference
Defect TRACE-531 Fixed 1.4.2 ActiveObjects upgrade process is incomplete
Defect TRACE-541 Fixed 1.4.3 Drop-down menu lingers after actuating unrelated UI widget in Trace Studio
Defect TRACE-557 Fixed 1.4.3 License key label on add-on licensing page is incorrect when browser window is sufficiently narrow
Defect TRACE-566 Fixed 1.4.3 Elements in project configuration are incorrectly rendered on Firefox
Defect TRACE-568 Fixed 1.4.3 issueLinkType parameter for the relations() JQL function is not generated when listing issues from the Trace Studio
Defect TRACE-579 Fixed 1.4.3 Disabling all but the parent/sub-task directions in the Trace Studio causes VTW-5
Defect TRACE-582 Fixed 1.4.3 Text attributes in exported PNG and SVG differ from appearance in Jira
Defect TRACE-589 Fixed 1.4.3 Error not produced when trace is refreshed after authenticated user's login status automatically expires
Defect TRACE-603 Fixed 1.4.3 Numeric field contents in in-context Distance setting is not right-justified
Defect TRACE-606 Fixed 1.4.3 Exported files of graphs incorrectly include hover highlighting
Defect TRACE-609 Fixed 1.4.3 JQL query validation as anonymous causes server-side exception
Defect TRACE-615 Fixed 1.4.3 Sole enabled direction checkbox in Trace Studio can be actuated
Defect TRACE-630 Fixed 1.4.4 Custom fields missing from Issue Field Layout
Improvement TRACE-104 Improved 1.4 Improve add-on configuration UI: Reset to default value, cancel editing, prevent UI flash
Improvement TRACE-264 Improved 1.4 Graph arbitrary JQL queries as seed issues in Trace Studio
Improvement TRACE-318 Improved 1.4 The Trace Studio can be set as "My Jira Home"
Improvement TRACE-331 Improved 1.4 Support certain Jira Agile / Jira Software issue fields
Improvement TRACE-346 Improved 1.4 Mouse-over highlights connected issues and relations
Improvement TRACE-388 Improved 1.4 Immediate access to the trace facility directly from anywhere in user-space Jira
Improvement TRACE-394 Improved 1.4 Regularize "SubTask" relationship nomenclature in graphs to "Sub-task", bringing it into alignment with the product documentation
Improvement TRACE-399 Improved 1.4 Optimize relations algorithm performance
Improvement TRACE-403 Improved 1.4 Arrange in-context graph Trace and More menus and common header Trace menu
Improvement TRACE-407 Improved 1.4 Migrate project configuration settings from PluginSettings to ActiveObjects
Improvement TRACE-408 Improved 1.4 Migrate user preference settings from PluginSettings to ActiveObjects
Improvement TRACE-487 Improved 1.4.3 Confirm license removal when license key text is deleted from field and applied
Improvement TRACE-574 Improved 1.4.3 Shorten the minimum width of the issue field layout to fit fully within the default width of its host column
Improvement TRACE-580 Improved 1.4.3 Seed issues input field size resets after trace refreshes
Improvement TRACE-608 Improved 1.4.3 Disable allow List issues and Bulk operations until first trace is executed
Improvement TRACE-612 Improved 1.4.3 The Trace global navigation menu item is revealed only when projects are visible
Improvement TRACE-618 Improved 1.4.3 Clarify that only issue fields belonging to visible projects are available in issue field layouts
New Feature TRACE-339 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: français (France) - French (France) fr_FR
New Feature TRACE-340 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: español (Argentina) - Spanish (Argentina) es_AR, es_ES, es_MX, es_VE
New Feature TRACE-351 New 1.4 Hovering over section titles in the online documentation reveals an anchor link whose URL can be copied to clipboard
New Feature TRACE-364 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: 한국어 (대한민국) - Korean (South Korea) ko_KR
New Feature TRACE-365 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: 中文 (中国) - Chinese (China) zh_CN
New Feature TRACE-369 New 1.4 Graph Distance setting
New Feature TRACE-398 New 1.4 Graph Traversal Time Limit add-on configuration setting
New Feature TRACE-401 New 1.4 Perform Jira bulk operations on graphed issues
New Feature TRACE-402 New 1.4 Bring in-context graph as-is into Trace Studio
New Feature TRACE-405 New 1.4 Saved Trace management shell
New Feature TRACE-410 New 1.4 View graph with or without orphan issues grouped and labelled
New Feature TRACE-411 New 1.4 Option whether or not to include seed issues in graph
New Feature TRACE-412 New 1.4 Graph Direction setting
New Feature TRACE-413 New 1.4 Trace Operations menu: Tools for listing issues and bulk change
New Feature TRACE-415 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: norsk (Norge) - Norwegian (Norway) no_NO
New Feature TRACE-416 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: português (Brasil) - Portuguese (Brazil) pt_BR, pt_PT
New Feature TRACE-417 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: 中文 (香港) - Chinese (Hong Kong) zh_HK
New Feature TRACE-418 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: 中文 (台灣) - Chinese (Taiwan) zh_TW
New Feature TRACE-419 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: čeština (Česká republika) - Czech (Czech Republic) cs_CZ
New Feature TRACE-420 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: Dansk (Danmark) - Danish (Denmark) da_DK
New Feature TRACE-421 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: Nederlands (Nederland) - Dutch (Netherlands) nl_NL
New Feature TRACE-422 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: suomi (Suomi) - Finnish (Finland) fi_FI
New Feature TRACE-425 New 1.4 Support certain Tempo Timesheets issue fields
New Feature TRACE-426 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: Türkçe (Türkiye) - Turkish (Turkey) tr_TR
New Feature TRACE-427 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: svenska (Sverige) - Swedish (Sweden) sv_SE
New Feature TRACE-428 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: italiano (Italia) - Italian (Italy) it_IT
New Feature TRACE-429 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: русский (Россия) - Russian (Russia) ru_RU
New Feature TRACE-430 New 1.4 Add-on language localization: polski (Polska) - Polish (Poland) pl_PL
New Feature TRACE-434 New 1.4 Export issue relation graph as PNG in Trace Studio
New Feature TRACE-436 New 1.4 Export issue relation graph as SVG in Trace Studio
New Feature VTC-3 New 1.4.4 Display arbitrary issue relation graphs in Confluence

Known Issues

Jira 7.6 introduces the ability to customize issue priorities as schemes on projects. This version, Vivid Trace 1.4 is unaware of this new feature, and therefore traces might not display correct priority information. The Vivid Trace 2021.1 release is tested to support priority schemes.

Jira 7.9 adds a global toggle named "Disable empty JQL queries" to determine whether an empty JQL query returns all possible issues or no results at all. This version of Vivid Trace is unaware of this toggle and may or may not behave according to the toggle's setting. The forthcoming release of Vivid Trace will honor Jira 7.9's Disable empty JQL queries toggle.

End-of-Support Statements

The minimum supported version of Jira Server and Jira Data Center has changed from Jira 5.1.1 to Jira 6.3. With this release and all newer releases, versions of Jira prior to version 6.3 are no longer supported by the add-on software.

Versions prior to Vivid Trace version 1.3 reach end-of-support status on 2017 April 1. Versions prior to Vivid Trace version 1.4 reach sunset status (no further patch updates) on 2017 April 1.

Version History

Version Hosting Release date Summary
Vivid Trace 1.4.4 Data Center, Server 2017-09-03 Fixes all known defects. Enables Vivid Trace for Confluence.
Vivid Trace 1.4.3 Data Center, Server 2017-07-18 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.4.2 Data Center, Server 2017-02-09 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.4.1 Retracted 2017-02-09 (Release date 2017-02-08)
Vivid Trace 1.4 Data Center, Server 2016-05-05 Trace Studio for tracing arbitrary JQL queries. Performance improvements. Improved handling for larger graphs. Add-on localized to 20 languages.
Vivid Trace 1.3.2 Data Center, Server 2015-12-14 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.3.1 Data Center, Server 2015-11-12 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.3 Data Center, Server 2015-10-20 Customizable issue field layouts for issue relation graphs.
Vivid Trace 1.2.1 Data Center, Server 2015-08-20 Defect fixes.
Vivid Trace 1.2 Data Center, Server 2015-07-22 Project, component, and version issue relation graphs. Improved handling for larger graphs. Improved and expanded JQL functions for comprehensive issue tracing. German and Japanese add-on localizations.
Vivid Trace 1.1 Data Center, Server 2014-12-05 Qualified for use with Jira Data Center.
Vivid Trace 1.0 Server 2014-08-30 Issue relation graphs.