Always-on Service – Out of Sight Operation

Vivid Trace Adapts to You

Vivid Trace doesn't constrain your processes; instead it adapts to your style and process fluidity. Use the data you already have, the way you already use it. Vivid Trace works with the issue types, sub-task types, and issue link types packaged with JIRA, with those included in JIRA add-ons such as Atlassian JIRA Agile, Tempo Timesheets, and Zephyr for JIRA, as well as with your own custom types. Furthermore, Vivid Trace is localized in many languages to support multi-cultural and multi-regional teams.

Low Cognitive Load

Data-centric operation promotes improved focus and fewer errors and rework caused by distraction and derailment.

Vivid Trace is designed closely to JIRA's own look & feel, seamlessly blending in as though Atlassian had made it themselves. Users at all levels will be unaware of boundaries, comfortably feeling that they are solidly within JIRA while using Vivid Trace.

Extensive Documentation

Extensive and reliable product documentation is available on-line in a self-serve format. Users and administrators can directly consult this reference at will and get answers quickly, minimizing the aggregate amount of time spent on resolving issues and obtaining customer support.

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Friction-free Adoption

The software is completely contained within JIRA; there is nothing extra to deploy, and users don't have to log in to different tools. Furthermore, Vivid Trace protects your IT investment with compatibility for a wide spectrum of JIRA deployments (Specifications) spanning back to JIRA 6.3 and Microsoft Internet Explorer 9, allowing you to easily deploy it using your current hardware & software without change.

You can use the Deployment Readiness Checklist to streamline the introduction of Vivid Trace into your organization.


Vivid Trace strictly enforces JIRA's security model, whether your JIRA system is isolated from the Internet and stringently-secured or is running in Public mode. Vivid Trace takes steps to conceal the presence of behind-the-firewall JIRA installations.

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Zero-maintenance Operation

As there is almost nothing to configure, Vivid Trace doesn't tie up IT administrator resources and has nominally zero impact on operational expenditure.

Customer Driven

Because Vivid welcomes your feedback, you have a direct voice in shaping future releases of Vivid Trace.

High Quality

As an integral part of your mission critical solution, Vivid Trace is manufactured with an unyieldingly high degree of engineering competence. The release schedule follows a major.minor.patch versioning scheme and we make efforts to ensure that there is always a good vintage of the release of your choice, giving you the flexibility to upgrade to obtain new features only when you say so.