See full issue dependencies and causes of blockage

Visualize issue links and issue dependency graphs and surface the most pertinent information.

Organizations around the world increasingly entrust their projects to JIRA, even though we only get limited visibility on issue relationships. If issue relationship and task dependency information is so critical to the successful management of our projects, what if we made that information visible at will, always available like a trusty co-pilot? What if JIRA did this instantly for us, saving valuable time otherwise spent on detective work, each and every day? A visualization that eliminates all of the steps normally involved in tracing issue links and parent/sub-task relationships in aggregate, and the work of compiling all of that information into a larger, usable picture.

That could be a lot of information, and could get overwhelming fast. We need to be able to understand the relationships quickly, so the information display needs to be brief. Simultaneously informing and concise. There have been attempts, such as by taking relationship information from its natural graph-based world and forcing it into a tree format, but those methods still demand dull and error-prone mental olympics with no promise of imparting the correct conceptual model about your data.

At Vivid, we designed Vivid Trace to fulfill these needs, and we care about getting it right.

See Full Issue Dependencies

Total Visibility
Encompass work artifacts from each of your various processes to build understanding of which issues are involved, how they are related, and a variety of other, customizable information.
Any Project or Task Structure
Divide and structure work according to your needs, across teams, projects and issue types, in any hierarchy or topology without limit.
Spot Problems Early
Scan for problems that are otherwise invisible such as gaps in production flow, excessive aggregation, premature resolution, and issues trapped in dependency cycles.
Monitor Chains of Events
Participants at various points along an event chain can monitor and communicate progress, direction, and outcome while events unfold or after the fact. Optimal for customer support, ITIL, and help desk environments.
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Find Blockers and Unblocked Issues

Figure: Trace results of finding unblocked issues
See Blocking Issues and Bottlenecks
Quickly identify impediments and their root causes so that you can smartly refocus your energy, rebalance resource assignments, or proceed with unblocked work.
Find Unblocked Issues
See which tasks have become available to start work on and convert idle time into productive time.

Visualize Issue Links and Parent/Sub-task Relations

A natural and succinct graphical representation of issues and their relations. Simultaneously informing and concise.

Unlock the Power of JIRA Issue Links
Automatically reveal the entire web of any set of issue types, sub-tasks, and issue link types.
Contextual Awareness
Information about related issues is always on-hand in issue detail pages, widening your contextual awareness to the changes going on around you.
Accurate, Faithful Rendition
Dozens of advanced algorithms work in concert to display your issue and relation information directly as it exists in its natural graph-based world. Compared to traceability matrices, which are characteristically sparse, these graphs are information-dense and space-efficient.
Reduce Distraction and Cognitive Load
Configurable trace settings help you cut through like trusty noise-reduction goggles and focus on only the most pertinent information.

Issues are displayed in individual lozenges, by default with issue type and issue key.
Issue types are shown using JIRA's issue type iconography.

Lines connecting issues indicate a direct relationship between the issues with issue links or as parent/sub-tasks.
Relationships are labeled with the nature of the relation. Additional, overlapping relations between the same two issues are denoted with +n.

Figure: The Issue Relation Graph

Resolved issues are shaded and their issue keys are struck through.

The current issue (if any) has a halo.
Quickly navigate to another issue by clicking or tapping it.


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