Documentation for non-current version Vivid Trace 1.1.
See documentation for the current release Vivid Trace 1.4

Vivid Trace for JIRA

Version 1.1 Documentation Set


Vivid Trace for JIRA provides instant visual confirmation of progress and unfinished work. Leveraging JIRA's issue linking feature, Vivid Trace scans along issue links through to their ends to produce Issue Link Graphs, yielding total visibility of all related issues no matter their degree of separation and with cross-project capability. These graphs enable at-a-glance understanding of progress, identification of gaps and pathologies, and simplifies reporting.

Vivid Trace provides teams with the flexibility to embrace entire issue chains as a unit of work management. This idiom comes naturally even after casual usage but emphasizes always-on visibility and traceability, lending itself well to requirements and test traceability.

Deployment requires little training beyond teaching people where they can access these graphs. Project managers can customize information display to suit their needs on a per-project basis. Organizations that have already built up substantial issue link information within their JIRA systems stand to gain tremendously from being able to instantly & trivially visualize that information.

Vivid Trace is an add-on for Atlassian JIRA and is available through the Atlassian Marketplace