Vivid Trace 2021.1 Release Notes

Released 2021-07-19
Updated 2021-08-31 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.1
Updated 2021-12-04 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.2
Updated 2022-02-04 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.3
Updated 2022-04-19 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.4
Updated 2022-05-12 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.5
Updated 2022-05-25 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.6
Updated 2022-06-10 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.7
Updated 2022-10-21 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.8
Updated 2023-01-05 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.9
Updated 2023-07-06 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.10
Updated 2023-12-16 for Vivid Trace version 2021.1.11

This document describes what has changed in Vivid Trace for Jira version 2021.1. When planning to update the add-on in your Jira system to this version, consider the information within as there may be changes that are undesirable in your circumstances or known issues that might affect the stability of your operations. This document covers the following topics:


Share your trace configurations with teammates.

You've designed a good trace configuration, now you can share it with the whole team.

Sharing in Vivid Trace uses a simple access control model: Delegate ownership to project leads, spread edit permission amongst team members to help keep the trace configuration up-to-date over time, or maybe share it with everyone in view-only mode. It's up to you. More information

The new trace configuration sharing settings in Vivid Trace version 2021.1
The new trace configuration sharing settings in Vivid Trace version 2021.1

Find and favorite trace configurations shared by others.

If a trace configuration has been shared with you, you can find it here. Your favorites are kept close at hand in the Trace Studio dock for instant recall. More information

Improve signal-to-noise with the new Artifact Types tracing parameter.

With the new Artifact Types tracing parameter, you can select which issue types are followed during tracing. More information

The new Artifact Types tracing parameter in Vivid Trace version 2021.1

Qualified for Jira Data Center

Vivid Trace is now qualified by Atlassian for Jira Data Center. With Vivid Trace's bounded processing-time guarantees, Data Center customers can confidently deploy Vivid Trace with backing from Vivid and Atlassian.

Atlassian Data Center architectural diagram in promotion of Vivid Trace being qualified for Data Center

Update Notes

The latest release of Vivid Trace 2021.1 is recommended for general production including as an update to Vivid Trace 2021.1 and prior versions. The update can be validated on a test instance of Jira before updating the add-on on your production systems. Points of caution associated with this release:

Change List

Issue Status Version Summary
Change TRACE-818 Changed 2021.1.9 Support for Java 17
Change TRACE-819 Changed 2021.1.9 Jira 9.5 compatibility
Change TRACE-813 Changed 2021.1.8 Jira 9 compatibility
Defect TRACE-800 Fixed 2021.1.7 Incomplete user comparison in the ACL algorithm
Improvement TRACE-801 Improved 2021.1.7 Delete Trace Configuration confirmation dialog: Ensure Delete button is not the default
Change TRACE-802 Changed 2021.1.7 Performance: Change default Issue Context Trace Display Format to Issue Tab Panel
Defect TRACE-803 Fixed 2021.1.7 Potential login redirect loop on admin pages requiring elevated privileges
Defect TRACE-805 Fixed 2021.1.7 Issue Field Layout "Add row" button can mis-operate
Defect TRACE-795 Fixed 2021.1.6 Version 2021.1 ActiveObjects upgrade task fails on blank values
Defect TRACE-796 Fixed 2021.1.6 Disparity between add-on settings and default project settings
Defect TRACE-789 Fixed 2021.1.5 Graceful handling of inactive user accounts
Defect TRACE-791 Fixed 2021.1.5 ACL of preset trace configurations cannot be modified
Defect TRACE-793 Fixed 2021.1.5 Attempt to GET Vivid Trace OpenAPI definition JSON document met with error
Improvement TRACE-788 Improved 2021.1.5 Optimize performance of member selector with Data Center -sized quantity of items
Defect TRACE-776 Fixed 2021.1.4 Cannot disable all artifact types or all relation types in project configurations
Defect TRACE-778 Fixed 2021.1.4 Degraded performance of user-group-role selector on large instances
Defect TRACE-779 Fixed 2021.1.4 Horizontal scroll bars not displaying appropriately in Google Chrome
Improvement TRACE-752 Improved 2021.1.3 Further isolate JavaScript from global namespace with self-invoking function and prefixes
Defect TRACE-745 Fixed 2021.1.2 Trace Studio Tools menu items disabled immediately after navigating to a trace in the browser
Defect TRACE-746 Fixed 2021.1.2 Deleting an issue type from Jira causes an impassable error in the Issue Context Trace
Defect TRACE-747 Fixed 2021.1.2 Deleting an issue link type from Jira causes an impassable error in the Issue Context Trace
Defect TRACE-750 Fixed 2021.1.2 Add-on configuration "Enter a decimal number" field validation error message is missing a quantity
Change TRACE-717 Changed 2021.1.1 Qualify Vivid Trace for Atlassian Jira Data Center
Defect TRACE-738 Fixed 2021.1.1 Security principal selector is mostly obstructed from view in Trace Studio trace configuration details panel
Defect TRACE-711 Fixed 2021.1.1 Issue link type with multiple identical description strings erroneously treated as ambiguous
Change TRACE-672 Changed 2021.1 Support for 1.8 and 11 releases of HotSpot and OpenJDK Java platforms
Change TRACE-681 Changed 2021.1 Removed the Jira agile quick view panel
Change TRACE-687 Changed 2021.1 Rename the Jira home menu entry & description to "Trace Studio"
Defect TRACE-505 Fixed 2021.1 Firefox doesn't properly highlight issues and relations in the graphs
Defect TRACE-541 Fixed 2021.1 Drop-down menu lingers after actuating unrelated UI widget
Defect TRACE-557 Fixed 2021.1 License key label on add-on licensing page is incorrect at 150% zoom on narrow window
Defect TRACE-562 Fixed 2021.1 Tooltip in +n case doesn't have a newline between 1st and 2nd entries
Defect TRACE-566 Fixed 2021.1 Security principal selector elements are incorrectly rendered on Firefox
Defect TRACE-579 Fixed 2021.1 Disabling all but the parent/sub-task directions in the Trace Studio causes VTW-5
Defect TRACE-582 Fixed 2021.1 Text attributes in exported PNG and SVG differs from appearance in Jira
Defect TRACE-585 Fixed 2021.1 Issue field layout changes not reflected when IRG is refreshed in Trace Studio
Defect TRACE-589 Fixed 2021.1 Error not produced when graph refreshed after authenticated user logs out
Defect TRACE-603 Fixed 2021.1 Right-justify numeric field contents in in-context Distance setting
Defect TRACE-606 Fixed 2021.1 Exported graph files incorrectly include hover highlighting
Defect TRACE-615 Fixed 2021.1 Trace Studio: Sole enabled direction checkbox can be actuated
Defect TRACE-630 Fixed 2021.1 Custom fields missing from Issue Field Layout
Defect TRACE-684 Fixed 2021.1 Trace SVG export with HTML entity   in issue titles exported as-is fails to render in browser
Defect TRACE-679 Fixed 2021.1 Catch-all error dialog fails to produce error information
Defect TRACE-708 Fixed 2021.1 "List Issues" doesn't escape quotes for JQL component arg
Improvement TRACE-337 Improved 2021.1 Allow date/time fields to reflect user's timezone
Improvement TRACE-487 Improved 2021.1 Confirm license removal when user attempts to delete Vivid-issued license key and apply an empty license
Improvement TRACE-616 Improved 2021.1 Open issues from Trace Studio in separate tab to avoid disrupting the current tracing session
New Feature TRACE-319 New 2021.1 Add "Configure Vivid Trace add-on" global navigation menu item for Jira system administrators
New Feature TRACE-453 New 2021.1 "Artifact Types" Relations parameter
New Feature TRACE-466 New 2021.1 "Recent Traces" global navigation menu section
New Feature TRACE-468 New 2021.1 Site-wide configuration setting for visibility of contextual traces
New Feature TRACE-540 New 2021.1 Set system default for project trace visibility, allow project-level override
New Feature TRACE-595 New 2021.1 Modify sharing settings for a trace configuration
New Feature TRACE-703 New 2021.1 Toggle the favorite status of a trace configuration
New Feature TRACE-704 New 2021.1 "Find traces" dialog where you can find new traces
New Feature TRACE-705 New 2021.1 Add-on Trace configurations management UI

Known Issues

Some inline dialogs, drop downs, and help might appear clipped or incorrectly positioned in your specific version of Jira and its bundled version of the Atlassian User Interface (AUI). In some cases it is possible to scroll or drag some part of your view to better expose such elements.

The Trace Studio is in the midst of a transition to newer technology. After changing the active trace configuration or editing your own sharing permissions, changes might not be reflected in the UI until the browser page is refreshed.

End-of-Support Statements

The minimum supported version of Jira Server and Jira Data Center has changed from Jira 6.3 to Jira 7.2. Likewise, the minimum supported version of Confluence has changed to Confluence 7.4. With this release and all newer releases, versions of Confluence prior to version 7.4 and Jira prior to version 7.2 are no longer supported by the add-on software.

This version 2021.1 release line is the last to support Jira 7. With newer major/minor release lines of Vivid Trace, the minimum supported version of Jira advances to Jira 8.

Versions prior to Vivid Trace version 2021.1 reach sunset status (no further patch updates) on 2021 July 1.

Please see Vivid Trace Life Cycle for more information.

Version History

Version Hosting Release date Summary
Vivid Trace 2021.1.9 Data Center, Server 2023-01-05 Updated Jira compatibility.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.8 Data Center, Server 2022-10-21 Updated Jira compatibility. Fixes defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.7 Data Center, Server 2022-06-10 Fixes defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.6 Data Center, Server 2022-05-25 Fixes defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.5 Data Center, Server 2022-05-12 Fixes defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.4 Data Center, Server 2022-04-19 Updated Jira compatibility. Fixes defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.3 Data Center, Server 2022-02-04 Updated Confluence and Jira compatibility. Fixes all known defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.2 Data Center, Server 2021-12-04 Updated Jira compatibility. Fixes all known defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1.1 Data Center, Server 2021-08-31 Jira Data Center compatibility. Fixes all known defects.
Vivid Trace 2021.1 Server 2021-07-19 Artifact Types tracing parameter. Trace configuration sharing. Project settings defer to add-on settings by default.
Vivid Trace 1.4.4 Data Center, Server 2017-09-03 Fixes all known defects. Enables Vivid Trace for Confluence.
Vivid Trace 1.4.3 Data Center, Server 2017-07-18 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.4.2 Data Center, Server 2017-02-09 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.4.1 Retracted 2017-02-09 (Release date 2017-02-08)
Vivid Trace 1.4 Data Center, Server 2016-05-05 Trace Studio for tracing arbitrary JQL queries. Performance improvements. Improved handling for larger graphs. Add-on localized to 20 languages.
Vivid Trace 1.3.2 Data Center, Server 2015-12-14 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.3.1 Data Center, Server 2015-11-12 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.3 Data Center, Server 2015-10-20 Customizable issue field layouts for issue relation graphs.
Vivid Trace 1.2.1 Data Center, Server 2015-08-20 Defect fixes.
Vivid Trace 1.2 Data Center, Server 2015-07-22 Project, component, and version issue relation graphs. Improved handling for larger graphs. Improved and expanded JQL functions for comprehensive issue tracing. German and Japanese add-on localizations.
Vivid Trace 1.1 Data Center, Server 2014-12-05 Qualified for use with Jira Data Center.
Vivid Trace 1.0 Server 2014-08-30 Issue relation graphs.