Start a Free Trial of Vivid Trace


Install Vivid Trace

Search for vivid trace in the Atlassian Marketplace.

Figure: Atlassian Marketplace search results for the search term "vivid trace"

Install Vivid Trace by selecting either "Free trial" or "Buy now" and following the directions.

Click or tap Generate License to generate a new trial license and ...

Figure: Atlassian Marketplace search results for the search term "vivid trace"

... then Apply License to apply it to your Jira. Your free trial period has begun!


Perform a background (on-line) re-index

Figure: Performing an online re-index of Jira to bring Vivid Trace to readiness

Vivid Trace is ready for use after the re-index operation finishes. You can choose background re-index to perform the re-index with no disruption to Jira availability.


View dependency graphs

Figure: Linking issues together, step 3: The two issues are linked together, as evidenced by the trace graph.

View the issue details pages for a few issues that you know have links.

What Next?

Quickly learn about what else you can do with Vivid Trace by scanning over the Feature Tour, doing the Trace Studio Quickstart, and browsing the list of topics in the Solution Guide.

Tell your teammates. They will also see traces on their Jira issue pages and might be wondering about the new additions. Share the Getting Started document with them.

Familiarize yourself with Vivid Trace's capabilities and the list of product information resources by looking over the product documentation index.

Give your teams a solid start with the prepared Deployment Readiness Checklist.

Make Jira speak your language with additional language packs.

Take advantage of Vivid's Concierge service (free of charge) to help you quickly become productive with Vivid Trace.

Have questions? Contact a Vivid Partner

Contact Vivid directly at Vivid Support or by email.

Detailed installation instructions are located in Add-on Administration.