Documentation for non-current version Vivid Trace 1.3.
See documentation for the current release Vivid Trace 2021.1

Vivid Trace 1.3 Release Notes

Released 2015-10-20
Updated 2015-11-12 for Vivid Trace version 1.3.1
Updated 2015-12-14 for Vivid Trace version 1.3.2

This document describes what has changed in Vivid Trace for JIRA version 1.3. When planning to update the add-on, consider the information within as there may be changes that are undesirable in your circumstances or known issues that might affect the stability of your operations. This document covers the following topics:


Customizable information display for issues in issue relation graphs.

Selecting from a palette of built-in and custom fields, design the field layout of graphed issues by deciding what information is displayed and where, however you want. More information

Project, component, and version Issue Relation Graphs

Usability improvements for issue relation graphs.

When issue relation graphs are first drawn, the graph centers itself on the current issue, if any. Graphs can also be instantly refreshed without reloading the entire page.

Better integration with JIRA 6.4 and JIRA Agile.

Vivid Trace is directly accessible in JIRA's project-centric view, introduced in JIRA 6.4. Trace information is available in JIRA Agile's rapid view.

Update Notes

The latest release of Vivid Trace 1.3 is recommended for general production including as an update to Vivid Trace 1.2 and prior versions. The update can be validated on a test instance of JIRA before updating the add-on on your production systems. Points of caution associated with this release:

Change List

Issue Status Version Summary
Change TRACE-347 Changed 1.3.1 Minimum supported version of JIRA incremented to JIRA version 5.1.1
Defect TRACE-267 Fixed 1.3 Operating graph menu items jumps window location back to original tab
Defect TRACE-297 Fixed 1.3 "Show relationship labels" menu item is available to anonymous users
Defect TRACE-298 Fixed 1.3 Issue relation graph is not visible to anonymous users
Defect TRACE-338 Fixed 1.3.1 Issue field text content overflows when viewed with Microsoft Internet Explorer 8
Defect TRACE-344 Fixed 1.3.1 Vivid Trace icon is not highlighted when active in JIRA 6.4 project-centric view
Defect TRACE-377 Fixed 1.3.2 JavaScript resources incomplete in JIRA Software RapidView
Improvement TRACE-154 Improved 1.3.1 Issue relation graph layout algorithm has scope for improvement
Improvement TRACE-295 Improved 1.3 Pan the Issue Relation Graph view to place the current issue in the center
Improvement TRACE-313 Improved 1.3 Support JIRA 6.4 project-centric view
New Feature TRACE-13 New 1.3 Customizable information display for issues in issue relation graphs
New Feature TRACE-161 New 1.3 Show issue relation graph in JIRA Agile rapid views
New Feature TRACE-308 New 1.3 Provide means to manually refresh issue relation graphs
Remove Feature TRACE-268 Removed 1.3 Remove deprecated linkPartition() JQL function
Remove Feature TRACE-306 Removed 1.3 Remove pathology highlighting feature

Known Issues

End-of-Support Statements

The minimum supported version of JIRA Server and JIRA Data Center has changed from JIRA 5.1.0 to JIRA 5.1.1. With this release and all newer releases, versions of JIRA prior to version 5.1.1 are no longer supported by the add-on software.

Version History

Version Hosting Release date Summary
Vivid Trace 1.3.2 Data Center, Server 2015-12-14 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.3.1 Data Center, Server 2015-11-12 Fixes for all known issues.
Vivid Trace 1.3 Data Center, Server 2015-10-20 Customizable issue field layouts for issue relation graphs.
Vivid Trace 1.2.1 Data Center, Server 2015-08-20 Defect fixes.
Vivid Trace 1.2 Data Center, Server 2015-07-22 Project, component, and version issue relation graphs. Improved handling for larger graphs. Improved and expanded JQL functions for comprehensive issue tracing. German and Japanese add-on localizations.
Vivid Trace 1.1 Data Center, Server 2014-12-05 Qualified for use with Jira Data Center.
Vivid Trace 1.0 Server 2014-08-30 Issue relation graphs.