Effective date 2020 February 12

Vivid Trace's life cycle assists you in maximizing long-term value of your Vivid Trace deployment, especially in conjunction with your active maintenance subscription. Stability of your deployment is achieved in part through a feature release and patch regime that enables you to keep your deployment up-to-date by applying patches with confidence. Because patch releases do not introduce new features or other improvements, you can install newer releases to obtain new features and improvements at your discretion, without being forced onto a potentially destabilizing upgrade treadmill.

Support life cycle: Feature release lines each have their own support schedule, demarked by status: Full Support, later leading to Sunset status and eventually being archived as End of Support. Initially, a feature release receives Full Support, meaning that you can obtain support through Vivid Support and that Vivid actively supplies you with patch releases that you can apply with confidence and minimal fuss. After some time and according to a variety of factors, the release line transits to Sunset status, meaning Vivid continues to offer you support through Vivid Support but no longer produces patches except in special circumstances. Dwindling customer deployments and other factors precipitate eventual End of Support status where the release line is archived, effectively drawing an end to support from Vivid.

Life cycle status of Vivid Trace release lines. Only the most recent release line with End of Support status is included.

Updates to life cycle status: Vivid's product planning and engineering discipline prioritizes actual customer usage and needs. With the release of a new version, Vivid reviews and publishes updates regarding the support status of all release lines according to a variety of factors. Updates to the life cycle require customers to be alert for forthcoming modifications to their deployment. Vivid strives to provide reasonable advance notification of changes to the life cycle status. Such changes are announced in the accompanying Release Notes.

Perpetual license holders may continue to use eligible releases past their End of Support dates. From time to time, extenuating circumstances may necessitate the retraction of a specific Vivid Trace release; retractions are documented in the appropriate Release Notes and retracted releases are not supported.